Apple rolls out new, personalized playlists on iTunes

Apple rolls out new, personalized playlists on iTunes
The company has started rolling out new, personalized playlists for Apple music subscribers.

Apple fans have a lot to look forward especially given the iPhone launch event tomorrow. Additionally, the company is also set to roll out new, personalized music playlists to Apple music subscribers, which is currently being beta tested on iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.

Being originally introduced at Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year; the new introduction poses a direct challenge for Spotify. It is called ‘My New Music Mix’ playlist, which can be found in the ‘For You’ section of the app. It is updated every Friday with new tunes. There is another playlist, known as ‘My Favorites Mix’ which updates every Wednesday.

This step is being consciously taken by the company as a part of their larger makeover for Apple Music.

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