Google Maps to show speed limits during navigation

Google Maps to show speed limits during navigation
The company has already started rolling out the feature to the users.

Google keeps updating its one of the most popular app Google Maps. Now the company has added another useful feature to the app, the one that shows users the speed limits during navigation.

The update was first spotted by a Reddit user that the app now shows speed limits in certain areas. This feature has already been on the Waze app, for quite some time now.

The speed limits for an area can be seen on the bottom left of the screen. Unlike Waze, Google Maps doesn’t warn when the speed limit is exceeded. The feature is already available for some users and is expected to be rolled out for all users soon.

Google is also rolling out Explore UI for its users, it gives an alternate view for finding local businesses and attractions. The new UI includes an all-white design at the top of the screen and it trades tabs for a vertical scroll.

Google Maps also partnered with Gett and Lyft to provide users with more options to find and compare the fastest route to arrive at their destination.