Revealed: How much Rajinikanth was paid for ‘Kabali’!

Revealed: How much Rajinikanth was paid for ‘Kabali’!

And it’s possibly one of the highest remunerations ever…

Rajinikanth is possibly worshipped down South. And it won’t be wrong to call him the biggest superstar India has ever seen. His latest film Kabali had set cash registers ablaze and it has done phenomenal business at the box office.

But do you know how much Thalaiva was paid for the film? A whopping Rs 50 crore. That’s also one of the highest remuneration paid to an actor.

For actors like Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan who take their remuneration on the basis of profit sharing, an income of Rs 100 crore plus comes in once their films do the expected numbers. But for Rajinikanth, he has reportedly never asked for profit sharing.

Recently, Salman too earned around Rs 100 crore but he had not charged YRF a single penny for the film. It is Sultan’s unbelievable run at the cash registers that got him his due.